Q. As the group organizer can I trekking for free?

A. Yes. Providing your group size meets the agreed minimum group number we always include free of charge place for a teacher, leader or representative.

15 participants in a group – get free trekking service for one
25 participants in a group – get free trekking service for two
40 participants in a group – get free trekking service for three

Q. How do you minimize the risk to assist the group’s safety?

A. The safety and well-being of our clients is our first priority. Whilst acknowledging that there are inherent risks in all overseas travel that can never be totally eliminated, we endeavor to minimize any risks or dangers that have the potential to lead to any more than a reasonable level of physical or emotional distress for our clients, staff and partners. We aim to do this by:

Ensuring the chosen itinerary is appropriate for your group
Our guides are all first aid trained, carry a comprehensive first-aid kit and are aware of emergency evacuation procedures
Provide a doctor escort for all school groups (on request for charity challenges)
Travel insurance is compulsory for all travelers
Complete risk assessment provided prior to travel
Mobile phone or satellite phone communication available on most trekking provide access to our company. Medical advisor prior to trekking departure to ensure all travelers are suitable for the challenge ahead.

Q. How fit do I have to be and is trekking for me?

A. This trekking is suitable for any kind of person who is moderately fit, no previous experience is required. To condition yourself for the trekking, some physical fitness programs such as walking, running, swimming, and hiking are recommended before you embark on your journey. Any person suffering from a pre-existing medical condition or diseases must seek medical advice before considering any trekking. Whilst on the trekking, it is common to experience some discomfort before being fully acclimatized.

Q. Will somebody come to pick me up at the Airport upon my arrival?

A. Yes, our Airport Representative will be there to greet you outside of Terminal Hall, he/she will be displaying an Eco-friendly Treks & Expedition sign with your name on it. Upon arrival, you will be transferred to your hotel.

Q. What sort of accommodation can I expect in Kathmandu and in trekking?

A. We use standard rooms as per “Price Includes” section in Kathmandu. This is lodge trekking. We serve you lodge double room available in the route in sharing basis. This service provide as per trekking plan you purchased with us. Lodges are mostly in village, which allows you to buy sweets and drinks, which we do not carry with us.

Q. What sort of food can I expect in trekking?

A. Our operation department has developed hygienic OUTDOOR ADVENTURE TREKKING MENU with our decades long meal serving experiences with caring your health in high altitude. We also send fresh fruits, dry frout and some chocolet to add calories for such adventure walking. If you have any special dietary requirements please advise us in advance after observing our OUTDOOR ADVENTURE TREKKING MENU so that we can make the necessary arrangements on time.

Q. What sort of transportation you use?

A. Cross road treks & Expedition is all about providing you with local insights as well as adventure, with that in mind, where we think you will get more out of your holiday by using different means of transport that is what we do. Using a variety of private transport is an integral part of our Himalaya tours and enhances the experience! If you entertain with special means of transportation, please inform us on time so that we can fulfill your interest. We use private tourist vehicles for sightseeing, city tours and pickups. Depending on the group size and the trekking you purchased, we use cars, minibus, vans, land cruiser, tourist bus or public bus as described in “Price Includes” section. All vehicles are more maneuverable and flexible enabling us to take you through the narrow roads of Nepal.

Q. When do you departure this trekking?

A. One of the most experience guides of Cross road trek & Expedition is leading this trekking as mentioned dates. We believe in creating awareness in areas that Media coverage doesn’t, for us, every individual counts! If you like private departure, please inform us.

Q. What is the weather & temperature like in trekking?

A. Weather in the mountains (Himalayas) is notoriously difficult to predict. At night it is generally cooler and warmer during the days, in winter (January and February) it will be a bit colder but the days can be quite beautiful and warm if the sun is out. There will be snow any time of year. It is also important to make sure that you can stay warm and dry in just about any conditions. Expect the unexpected! The temperature could be as high as 25 deg C to -15 deg C low.

Q. Can I charge my digital camera or other batteries on my trekking?

A. These facilities will be not available every required place in this trekking as this is remote area trekking in Nepal. But in Kathmandu and trekking starting point, of course yes. Remember to bring your adapters!

Q. Is there any communication while we are on trekking?

A. There are telephones in few villages along the routes from which you can make international calls. If required, we supply satellite phone service with extra charge. Please inform, if you need this service.

Q. Can I use credit cards in the places visit in trekking?

A. In most cities yes, to some extent, however once you leave those cities behind, you can only use cash.

Q. How much additional money do I need per day?

A. It all depends on your spending habits. 15 to 20 US$ a day will be enough to buy bottles of water, chocolates, souvenir shopping of local crafts if/when available and few drinks. You can buy these things only in certain town.

Q. Do I need to tip my guide and porters? How much would that be?

A. Tips are always expected, it is good to tip trekking staff at the end of trekking. US$10 per guide and US$3 per porter per day is recommended per group.

Q. Is the water OK to drink? Do I need to bring purifying tablets/filter?

A. We will provide you purified water to drink. So you don’t need anything unless you like to bring your own water purifier (Please inform us if you bring). But you can buy also mineral water in some village along the trial on your own. Please bring a water bottle to fill up purified water.

Q. Are the Eco-friendly Treks & Expedition Agency's staff insured?

A. Yes, our company insures all our trekking staffs, including guide, cook, Sherpa and porters.

Q. What essential documents do I need to bring with me on tour?

Valid Passport - must be valid for up to 6 months after you return from your tour, keep a separate photocopy with Nepal visa.

Travel insurance, keep a separate photocopy
Cash and Traveler’s Checks, keep numbers and proof of purchase separate
Flight tickets
Emergency contact numbers for T/C’s, banks, insurance, family contacts.

Q. Can I add extra days to my trekking?

A. A trekking holiday should never be about making it to the final point quickly. Along your trekking we can add days at your request with additional costs to cover guides, porters, accommodation and food if you inform us prior enough time to manage extra day/s trekking.

Q. Do you use yaks/porters on the trekking or do we carry all of our own gear?

A. Whilst on the trekking, our porter will take care of your luggage service as per “Price Includes” section. All you need to carry is your small day bag for your personal belongings like camera, water bottle, sun cream etc. for example in trekking “Plan A”.

Q. What opportunities will I have for shower along the trekking?

A. Yes, we will provide you hot shower service in lodge committed as per “Price Includes” section.

Q. I would like to extend my holiday, any recommendations?

A. Yes, there are many options and choices to extend your holiday before or after your main trekking. Following trips are suggested for your holiday extensions.

Everest Flight – One hour plus airport transfer and back
Trisuli River Rafting – One or two day/s
Chitwan Jungle Safari Package – 2 nights 3 days, available for 2 days to longer trip also
Kathmandu Shopping Tour – One day
Meditation Tour- 2/3 days
Tibet Tour - As per your time available
Bhutan Tour - As per your time available
India Tour - As per your time available
Volunteering in School and Village – As per your time available

Can I arrange a private trek?

Easily call us and discuss your interest and dates you can travel. We will help you plan your perfect trekking experience

How flexible is the trekking day?

You can hike at your own pace, stopping when you wish. There is ample time to cover the necessary hiking distance each day with lots of stops. If you are on a private trek, you may wish to take more or fewer days to cover a given distance, or add in rest days. If you like to hike fast, your guide will be concerned that you acclimatize to high altitude effectively. You may wish to reach camp at a measured pace, but take a side hike after camp arrival. Your guide is always interested to learn about your personal interests and to accommodate those interests as the trip permits.

How safe is trekking?

Probably safer than any kind of vehicle travel or travel in urban areas. You are getting away from the dangers of modern society and entering a world where people watch out for each other and maintain a vigilance for the well-being of their neighbors. Your cook will oversee careful, healthful food preparation. Your guide will be asking continuously about the trail ahead and the health of all the trek participants. Our treks do not follow trails or pass through areas which are dangerous. You will seldom, if ever, have to wade streams or navigate difficult foot paths.