Nepal Paragliding Tour Nepal Paragliding Tour Nepal Paragliding Tour

Nepal Paragliding Tour


Nepal is a Top destination for adventurous activities and is especially celebrated as a trekking, paragliding, climbing and outdoor and holiday destination. In no other region of the planet does elevation change as extremely as in Nepal.

Paragliding in Pokhara has helped tourists view the epic splendor of mountain ranges, experiencing the cold and novelty in the atmosphere. The beautiful lake, green forest and bright sunshine give you the invigorating sensation of flying like a bird, void of stress and anxiety.Pokhara well known for tourist destination has now supplementary aero sports which have added character to this place.

Paragliding with no engine involved can fly for hours and can be packed in a rucksack with easy to carry anywhere. The take off spot is from sarangkot (1500m) and the landing at lakeside (800m).

The harnessed for pilot and passenger are separate and it is as comfortable as an armchair. After taking off you can relax and watch the unfolding beauty of magnificent experiences.