Rafting in Nepal Rafting in Nepal Rafting in Nepal

Rafting in Nepal

At the foot of the Himalayan Mountains, Nepal is blessed with an amazing diversity of rivers. Simply put, we live in a white water enthusiast’s paradise with an awesome variety of white water rafting adventures to tempt any type of traveler. From convenient ½ day excursions to full on 12 day river expeditions, the possibilities are endless! In fact, with so many river options, you can dramatically cut down on the need for bus travel in Nepal, as our waterways can connect you to and from many of Nepal’s most popular destinations!

Exploring Nepal via the river is a unique way to get off the beaten track and embrace our fascinating culture, pristine wilderness and diverse wildlife more intimately. Whether you want to try rafting for the first time or you are an avid white water junky looking for a new adrenaline fix – we are your best choice in Nepal for the eco-adventure of a lifetime!

We grew up here...on the banks of these rivers...we are proud of our extraordinary country...and we invite you to join us and see what white water adventure is all about!