Trekking Foods in Nepal Trekking Foods in Nepal Trekking Foods in Nepal

Trekking Foods in Nepal

On the main treks there are plenty of places to eat. Food may vary from dal bhat (rice and dal) to elaborate meals with apple pie and pizza. It is usually a good idea to carry a variety of snacks like dried fruit (best brought from home), cheese and candy bars. On the Annapurna and Everest treks, you will not usually walk more than an hour or two between finding a place for a drink, snack or a full meal. The food on the Annapurna can often be up to a very high standard.

Most places have prices listed for food and for staying. Meals may take more than an hour to prepare, so it is best to order your meal as soon you arrive and say what time you want to eat. Meal prices for dal bhat for Rs 100 to Rs 300. Meals are not usually all you can eat, but you will usually be offered another serving. At most hotels you can get bottled water and cold drinks. The main drinks on a trek are tea and “hot lemon.”

The farer you go from the road, the more expensive food and drink become. Tea may be Rs 20 at the beginning of a trek and may go up to Rs 100 days from the road. As prices go up one may think to eat or drink less. As you go up higher in elevation, it is important to drink a good amount to avoid altitude sickness. It is important to eat enough to avoid hypothermia or other problem caused by extreme cold.

At the lodges all the food and drinks a person eats are recorded in a book. And payment is taken in the morning. You may want to keep track of what you eat, because other people’s bill may be put on yours.

It is usually easier to bargain at the higher end places.

Many people have problem sleeping at higher elevations. They may feel uncomfortable and not be able to sleep. Ear plugs may be helpful.

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