Nepal Trekking Equipments Nepal Trekking Equipments Nepal Trekking Equipments

Nepal Trekking Equipments

Please follow the checklist of recommended Equipment list for trekking in Nepal Himalayas. The Porters will carry your duffle bag of about 20kg to 25kg and it's better to carry your day pack yourself, where you can keep your necessary things for the day Such as: camera and films, water, napkin paper, T-shirts for the warm place, warm Jacket for the cold place, some trial munchies etc...


  • Duffel bag (This should be nice with good zipper)- 1
  • Large plastic bag to put inside the duffel- 1
  • Daypack- 1
  • Trekking boots (this should be water proof)- 1 pair
  • Socks for trekking boots- 3 pairs
  • Short pants for hiking- 1 pair
  • T-shirts or short sleeved shirts- 3
  • Long sleeved shirt- 1
  • Sweater / jacket (can be buy also in Kathmandu)- 1
  • Underwear- 3 pairs
  • Bras (for women)- 2
  • Rain coat or a good umbrella-1
  • Sanitary napkins (for women)- 1
  • Bathing suit (for spring treks)- 1
  • Warm hat and sun hat- 1
  • Extra clothing for cold sensitive:
  • Pair long underwear- 1 pair long woollen,
  • Wool shirt (long sleeved)
  • Utility knife- 1
  • Sunglasses- 1
  • Towel- 1
  • Bar of soap or tube liquid soap- 1
  • Toothbrush & toothpaste- 1
  • Toilet paper (can buy in KTM & on trek)
  • Water bottle (mineral water can be on trekking some where)
  • Plastic bags (for clothes organize)
  • Flashlight with extra batteries & bulb- 1
  • Some common medicine likes: Band-Aids, aspirin or Tylenol for headaches or other pain, antihistamine, Throat lozenges etc.
  • Most important thing "CAMERA" and necessary things.