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Dear guest hearty namaste & welcome to Nepal !!

 I am Narayan Gurung. my experience from 1990. I am a free line trekking guide and tour operator as well as with many years of experience in organizing and guiding for individual tourist. I provide you with all the information which you require to known about Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan even before you make your travel plain. I did training for trekking guide in 1993 with His Majesty of Cultural Tourism Civil Aviation (HMCTCA) in Kathmandu to become a professional government licensed holder guide. I Born in east of Nepal lap of the region of Mt. Everest (8848 m), which is highest peak of the world. I have explored the many remote mountains villages, visual feast of nature, landscapes, the country's unique culture and people's lifestyle's of Nepal. So I have team up with my genuine professionals’ friends and I take great pride in my all supporting friends for their caring attitude, knowledge and abilities to explain the rich. Being ecologically sensitive tour operator and guide, I suggest that presenting Nepal in a way that works best for my guests. I would like to thank you for taking your time out to personally see and feel these pages. Hope this pages turns out to be informative and handy for your future travel plain. I look forwarding welcoming you.  

Thank you!!


Explanations to Travel with me.

   Appropriate journey, willingness to serve and well designed itineraries as per our clients’ desire and age:

Our first priority is to try our best to understand our clients’ requirements, help to choose the suitable or right Nepal holidays trip and attempt to provide exactly what our clients are looking for. We have made program in this website which all trips can be tailored to our clients’ needs. We can design carefully as per our clients time and we try to travel for all clients as possible as many places in Nepal.

I have sociable, experienced and well trained staffs will provide you affectionate, professional and personalized services. English speaking guide we get easily but others languages speaking guide not much like English in Nepal.   

“Our Vision is Your Safe Journey”

Nobody can visit anywhere with fear. The fear will be different as per your requirement or Nepal trips. Supposed to be looking for trekking, you need to collect information about trekking area. Are there available good guest houses, good trails, elevated on the trails and villages people? This all information you will get from me and local company of Nepa. I known above things and I will make itineraries with considering about high altitude for acclimatization. I will inform you about precautions on altitude sickness before starting the trek. I will guide you and take care of you during the trek or your holiday in Nepal travel. Whenever be a need, I will be ready without delay for rescue by charter helicopter. In Nepal or Nepal government doesn’t do travel insurance of tourists that’s way we request you to have proper travel insurance from own country. We do insurance our staffs as per necessaries.

We inform you all necessaries before coming to Nepal. It makes you fearless. In the city we book you at good hotel where you get family environment and western modern standard. I will provide you expert city tour guide (Government license Holder) who support you to travel in city.  We operate you Nepal trip with friendly and knowledgeable guide. It makes you safe journey in Nepal.

  • Reasonable Price

I will give you very good reasonable price, because you are direct dealing  with your guide, I will try to provide you with excellent services. We do commitments with every our clients for providing proper services. Because I always look good feedback and hope they can recommend to us their relatives, friends and who are willing to travel to Nepal. You try to book any tour, trekking and related travel activities with me. I assure you making wonderful and unforgettable Nepal holiday trip in your life.